Traeger BBQ Pellet Smoker Cleaning in Kansas City MO

We were blessed to be able to take a stab at a bbq smoker deep clean recently near Platte city in Missouri.

This large traeger pellet smoker was actually in fairly solid shape. Our customer has spend good money on this bbq smoker in Platte city and wanted to invest in maintaining the smokers value with a thorough clean.

We were able to vacuum the dust residue from the smoker to start. We then moved on to manual degreasing if the internal chamber of the traeger, after we had removed all the pellet smoker components for individual cleaning. With smokers, they don’t have much drainage so we can not use pressure washers inside the housing as it will build up and possibly back up into the augur causing pellet smoker pellets to get wet and jam the augur.

traeger bbq grill cleaning service in Kansas City

Next, we cleaned the components by applying our custom degreaser formula and then pressure washed any debris and buildup from the components.

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