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Get your high end grill or smoker deep cleaned and detailed for a maximum flavor and more efficient, enjoyable grilling experiences!

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“Couldn’t be happier with the communicationpunctuality and the quality of the work! Highly recommend!!! “

Jeff C.

DCS Built-in 6 Burner

BBQ Grill Brands We’ve Worked On

Only The Best Grilling Experience For You.

Clean grills are better grills.

Maximum Flavor

Grills that are free of carbon buildup, grease, rust particles, and other debris result in much better flavor profiles and more even cooking.

Efficient Cooking

Gunked-up grill boxes, grates, and other components can disrupt the airflow of your grill. Removing this will help your grill manage temperatures optimally

Clean & Safe Food

Grease, rust, dust, and other particulates can contaminate food and may be dangerous to your health if consumed consistently over time. Reduce risk of grease fires destroying your grill or worse.

Extended Life

Deep cleaning your grill can extend its life by multiple years. Put off spending thousands of dollars on a new grill and extend the life of your current one.

Your Kansas City Grill Cleaners

Recent BBQ Grill Detailing Work in Kansas City

See What Our Kansas City BBQ Grill Cleaning Service Customers Say About Us

You can see in the picture that Ben worked in less than ideal conditions. Very cold, and had some blowing snow. He completed the assembly of a very expensive Weber Summit grill and even returned the following day to fix an item. Ben is reliable and has a lot of know how. I highly recommend him.

Chris G.

Weber Summit Assembly
Great job fixing my pellet grill; would recommend

Josh S.

Traeger Timberline
Quick response. reasonable rates. scheduled quickly. work done well.

Stephen C.

Viking Built-In Restore
Ben was very nice and knowledgeable, was here on time and fair on pricing

Kevin A.

GE Monogram Detail
So impressed with the work that they did. They were very professional in their dealings as well. Highly recommend


GE Monogram Detail
Great job cleaning my Timberline 1300! Almost like new!

Eric Palm

Traeger Timberline 1300
Ben was amazing fixing the Pit Boss Pellet gill from the igniter issue. Thank you for your time. It was nice to meet you.

Pariyanuch C.

Traeger Repair
Couldn’t be happier with the communication, punctuality and the quality of the work! Highly recommend!!!

Jeff C.

Beefeater Detailing
Benjamin did a very nice job cleaning our grill for MANY hours. He was quick to respond and professional. I would highly recommend.

Tara B.

Napoleon Freestanding
Ben just restored my 20 year old Weber Genesis Silver B gas grill to working order and cleaned it so it looks great again. Almost like new! He replaced the propane regulator for me and we started it up. With all three burners on high, it climbed well over 600 degrees and maxed out the temp gauge on the grill. I haven’t used this grill in about 3 years, so I’m thrilled with the result and look forward to cooking on this grill again all summer long. Thanks Ben!

David W.

Classic Weber Restoration
We had Ben to our home to clean our Weber grill that was in desperate need. It looks brand new and we are excited to get it fired up tonight.

Joe A.

Platinum Grill Detailing
Easy to communicate with and completely met all expectations for a very fair price.

Jim M.

Weber Summit Assembly
My grill looks practically brand new. Amazing work!

Nicholas Z.

DCS Built-In
Great experience! They were able to help clean up my grills and replaced the parts on my gas grill that I had been putting off for a while. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. He even went out of his way to supply the rest of the parts that didn’t work. I would definitely use them again!

R & R Home Improvement (Luis)

Classic Brinkman Restoration

Get Your Grill in Pristine Shape with our Detailing Service

We’ll revitalize your grill. Let’s get you set up for grilling nirvana today. Have questions? See our FAQ and Process Pages

BBQ Grill Assembly Done Right

We can assembly your brand new grill and take care of every step to ensure it’s built properly to the manufacturer’s specifications

Meet our Expert BBQ team.

We take pride in bringing grills to their maximum potential. We find this work satisfying and we always enjoy hearing how happy our customers are with our work.

Ben Brown

Detailer, Repairs, Installation

Ben has developed a foolproof process to clean and restore BBQ grills, which has culminated in Clean Grill Thri


Andrew Eckart

Senior Technician
Detailer, Assembler, Repairs

Andrew has deep experience in the home services including pressure washing, window washing, car detailing, and now BBQ grill detailing and restoration

Contact us to get started.

We’d love to hear from you and restore, repair, or assemble your grill. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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