Commercial bbq smoker cleaning service in Kansas city

Our friends in management at proud souls bbq in Kansas City had us come out and do commercial smoker cleaning services for their personal smoker recently.

It was a large vertical smoker that had never been properly cleaned, so we had to provide full bbq smoker restoration services for this unit.

First we removed all of the components to get them degreased and pressure washed. After pressure washing the components we also manually scrubbed them to remove remaining debris.

Next we had the large task of stripping away layers of grease and carbon buildup from the inside of the smoker. It took 5 phases of decreasing plus pressure washing  to get the smoker cleaned out for safe smoking.

best bbq smoker cleaning in Kansas City

Lastly we pressure washed the exterior with a soap solution , then applied our proprietary stainless steel restoration mixture to bring extreme sheen back to the surfaces of the commercial bbq smoker.

It was a longer job than normal but we were happy with the results. If you need commercial smoker cleaning services in Kansas City, please feel free to reach out .

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