BBQ Grill Cleaning Process

To effectively clean nearly any kind of residential BBQ grill or smoker, there are quite a few steps that need to be taken. We’ve learned quite a few things that help get the job done effectively, resulting in grills that are:

  • Flavor Enhancing : Grills that are free of carbon buildup, grease, rust particles, and other debris result in much better flavor profiles
  • Better Cooking: Gunked-up grill boxes, grates, and other components can disrupt the airflow of your grill. Removing this will help your grill optimally manage the temperatures
  • More Beautiful : A freshly restored stainless or metal surface is worth showing off and makes grilling a much more enjoyable experience
  • Cleaner: Grease, Rust, Dust, and other particulates can contaminate food and may be dangerous to your health if consumed consistently over time.
  • Safer: Grease buildup can result in grease fires, which risks destroying your grill or worse. Also safer to eat from a clean grill
  • Longer Lasting: Deep cleaning will give you many more years of life from your grill. You’re able to push the expense of a new grill down the road while fully enjoying your current grill

Our BBQ Grill Cleaning Process

These are the following steps we take when we perform BBQ Grill or Pellet Smoker Cleaning

Greet Customer

You don’t have to be home for us to complete the job, but if you are we are happy to greet you and talk to you about the process

Setup Tools

In one trip we will bring all of the required tools from our truck like our cleaning supplies, pressure washer, shop vac. We will then set up our pressure washer with your hose (or our backup hoses). While that is being set up, our second technician will be preparing the next steps

Disassemble Cooking Components

If there are any removable components from the grill, we will take them out and place them on the ground to prepare for their treatment. We also remove any knobs and accessory grates or components from side burners. We will also take out any BBQ utensils you have for cleaning as well

Remove Debris

We shop vac out any lose debris from the grill box and debris catching devices.

Treat All Components, Grill Box, and Exterior

We apply our degreasing solution to all components, inside the grill box, and all exterior surfaces of the grill. This will soak for 5 minutes to allow the reactions to loosen up carbon and grease particles

Clean : Pressure Wash or Steam Clean

Depending on the grill and situation, we may either pressure wash or steam clean (or both). We use a gas powered 3,200 psi professional pressure washing system to blast away debris and buildup. The combination of degreasing treatment and pressure washing or steaming can remove a large portion of the buildup. We clan all components, inside the grill box, any storage areas, and the entire exterior. If we think it’s needed, we may do a 2nd round of degreasing + pressure washing

Mechanically Scrub

After cleaning , we may need to use mechanical scrubbing which includes the use of a power drill with steel wire fittings to force any attached carbon buildup from grill grates and components.

Hand Scrub

We will also use Scouring Pads to hand scrub the remaining layers of buildup and get metals into improved conditions.

Stainless / Metals Restoration

We are able to remove deep stains, light scratches, and other blemishes from stainless steel. We do this by hand scouring stainless steel surfaces with progressively finer Scouring Pads, effectively re-graining your stainless steel to get it closer to a factory finish.

Clean and Dry

After we’ve restored the stainless, we clean with a light cleaning solution and rinse, then dry to prepare for the next step

Metal Shine & Protection

We use our propriety stainless steel sheen builder solution, which also acts as a protective coat for your stainless steel. We cover every single inch of stainless with this protective solution.

Plastic Restoration

Many grills, like Weber brand grills, have plastic components which get faded by sun exposure. Our plastic restoration product can bring plastic back to factor sheen.

Cleanup And Head Out

After we are done, we will be sure to spray off any debris that has accumulated on your patio floor. We will also scan for any trash to ensure we leave the area better than we found it. Will will then notify you we are finished, send you before and after pics and videos, and send our invoice. If you have a card on file with us, we can run that card when complete.