Saber BBQ Grill Cleaning in Kansas City

We recently cleaned this Saber grill. Beautiful unit but didn’t have any attention to its cleaning in probably 6 years.

While at our Saber Grill Cleaning job in Leawood, we put this through our BBQ Grill cleaning process which included:

  • Remove loose debris with shop vac
  • Spray down inside and out with our secret grill degreasing formula
  • Take out all components (burners, grates, and other loose components) to treat an clean
  • Full pressure wash inside and out to remove layers of grease at this Sable BBQ Grill Cleaning in Leawood
  • Stainless steel and exterior clean & polish
Saber BBQ Grill Cleaning Service in Kansas City
Saber BBQ Grill Cleaning Service in Kansas City

As you can see by the pictures it came out amazing!

We work as Saber BBQ Grill Cleaning Experts in Leawood and the greater Kansas City area- please reach out to us and we will respond immediately!

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