BBQ Grill Deep Cleaning Service in Kansas City

Premium BBQ Grill Detailing

We’ve developed what we think is the best way to get grills deep cleaned and detailed so that you can enjoy grilling again with a sparkling clean, flavorful experience

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Detailing Packages

BBQ Grill Detailing Package

Here’s what you get with our Silver Detailing Package

  1. Grill Box Cleanout
    Full cleanout and degrease of grill box. Degrease, pressure washing or steam cleaning, scraping buildup and vacuuming of debris.
  2. Component Restoration
    We remove all components and treat them individually with a degreaser, pressure wash or steam cleaner, and mechanical scrub
  3. Exterior Deep Clean
    We’ll get dirt, buildup, and any other blemishes off with a degreaser, pressure wash or steam clean, and hand scrub
  4. Stainless Restoration
    We manually re-grain damaged stainless steel with progressively higher grit scrubbing pads. We then apply our proprietary stainless finish & protective coating
  5. Plastic Restoration
    We will restore any weather-worn plastic components back to factory finish
  6. Finish & Cleanup
    We will review the grill for any needed touchups and apply. We will leave your patio area better than we found it.